Our Community and History


Hillside Bayou was built in 1971. We have a long history of being the place so many have called home over the last 50 years. We love that legacy and it brings us much joy to see individuals that were raised in our community want to come back to live here so many years later. We are a manufactured home community with lots of room for you and your family to enjoy the good life. 

Our Mission


To Encourage Community Connection; by bringing people together, we wish to deepen the connections you feel with other residents. When we spend more time with our neighbors, we have the opportunity to understand each other better and it makes the community we all live in feel even more like home.







Meet our Mangers


Bryan and Melinda have lived at Hillside Bayou for the last 8 years. They love the Hillside Bayou community and strive to provide a safe and clean place for all the residents.  They are friendly and come to us with a ton of property management experience.  They like gardening, baking, coffee, fishing, and their pets.